Garmin Fit App tryout

Tried out the new Garmin “Fit” Android app. It’s good but not good enough really. At least it picks up the Garmin footpod which is useful for running cadence or distance if used on a treadmill. It syncs to and from the Garmin Connect web site – which is a great place to keep training data because it’s in the cloud and accessible from the phone or any computer. It doesn’t have the analytical capacity of SportTracks software nor does it have the Beat Yourself option, handsfree control or audio feedback of Endomondo.

The workout itself was useless. For no apparent reason I felt tired and climbed up to Granier very slowly. Realising that a proper workout wasn’t going to happen and that it would also be best to cut the distance I focused on breathing – particularly nasal breathing and using the diaphragm. Even if a performance workout was not possible there are many other useful things that can be done – not to forget the mental training aspect of focusing and re-focusing. I’d also felt unusually stressed as well as tired so paradoxically the focussing relaxes the mind and guarantees a significant reduction in stress despite the tiredness.

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