Physical Memory

Frustrating! A fantastic piece of hardware called the Sony Xperia Arc, worth 549 € and I have to use a crap app called Endomondo worth 3 € for training! Why does software always lag so far behind hardware? I guess it’s the same way that people are born with brains but never learn how to use them.
Sony have just brought out the Xperia Active and I WANT ONE! Trouble is I’d still have to use that crap app along with it.
Yesterday, 10 minutes into my cycling workout and the phone simply rebooted itself. Yes, I was tired and plodding and the phone probably reacted in disgust – but rebooting takes a very long time and  really interrupts the workout thank you! (The phone only ever reboots spontaneously when using Endomondo – it’s like it’s trying to vomit it out of its system)
Interesting article yesterday on the BBC website regarding memory. It was about Clive Wearing – who due to a virus has only 10 seconds of memory. Despite this he can still play the piano though he doesn’t remember that he has ever played one etc. I’ve always wondered how I can memorise dozens of complete tunes on the fiddle and yet not remember the names or notes of any of them. It’s a purely physical memory. Quite often I get people returning to skiing thinking that they have forgotten everything – of course they haven’t – it’s all there in the physical memory. 
Yesterday I played the fiddle for a while and really enjoyed the process of observing the physical side of it; just letting the weird musical/physical memory run its course but focusing on releasing tension and being aware of blockages. Same as with sports everything depends on good alignment and mechanics to start off with. Focusing follows alignment – and even the focus has to be aligned in terms of senses and relevance. It will clearly be a long time before a stupid telephone app can measure this.

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