150 Million Km view persisting.

Pushed myself out the door today for another training ride – 9th day without a break – just have to take advantage of this freaky weather – still have that 150 Million Km view directly to the sun…

With the cold but dry weather it isn’t too hard to manage clothing issues when cycling. During the climbs I remove the outer membrane layer and tie it around my waist. The high wicking base layer and shirt take the sweat away from the skin and let it evaporate rapidly. The weak sun is still enough to make it feasible to climb with minimal clothing and the relatively low speed of climbing prevents any wind chilling. Pausing at the top of the climbs the membrane is put on for each descent and the final return on the flats. With everything relatively dry inside the high speeds don’t chill the body. When it gets much colder this won’t work, but also the roads will become slippery and that’s when training will have to move indoors anyway for safety. I might put my studded tyres back on the mountain-bike and get out there anyway.
It always amazes me how the legs can be really sore from running but on the bike none of that soreness is felt.

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