Atilla and Vedat – Christmas day Off-Piste

Off Piste in wind packed snow is tough – but Atilla and Vedat are strong enough skiers to enjoy it – and to use it to improve. Atilla loved going though the trees where we found softer snow and Vedat appreciated other spots where we found hidden untouched powder.

 Smiling faces coming out of Le Fornet woods.


Atilla has a tendency to brace his outside leg and stiffen up in when on steeps and in difficult snow and to lean on the back of his boots. This also makes his body rotate so he has a danger of being spat out of the turn on occasion – which does happen! His rhythm, timing and dynamics are solid and have remained ever since being taught the natural skating timing and the direct link with dynamics. Vedat has a tendency to stiffen his legs too and to leave his feet behind. To counter those issues I explained how to stand in a more flexed manner – like sitting on a chair facing downhill – the centre of mass still passing through the feet due to the geometry of the mountain. I did an exercise with Atilla so he could feel the seated position without falling backwards. Despite this it was Vedat who understood and it dramatically changed his skiing when he finally realised how to bend his legs and keep his feet ahead as a result

 Mont Blanc in the setting sun.

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