Pirie, Chi, Buteyko – comparison

Apparent Differences between Pirie’s “Laws of Running”, “Chi Running” and “Buteyko”
Law   2: Pirie – Springing and Forefoot strike 
             Chi   – Lifting feet and Midfoot strike (Both options appear to have virtues)
Law   5: Pirie – Walking damages running
             Chi   – Chi Walking is encouraged (Chi Walking seems to overcome the problem)
Law   8: Pirie – Dont lean forwards
             Chi   – Lean forwards – but from the ankle (They both mean the same thing – don’t tilt from the hips)
Law 11: Pirie – Static stretching causes injuries 
             Chi   – Promotes stretching exercises (Pirie is probably correct here)
Law 12: Pirie – Running equals “out of breath” so breathe only through the mouth (Jury is out on this one…)
        Buteyko – Breathe only through the nose – it’s the breathing organ – increases oxygenation
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