Max & Mark 5

Today there was no new technical input  (other than correction) – it wasn’t necessary. It was time to ski, time to put to use the new skills and let them grow in their appropriate environment; Off Piste, Slalom, Moguls and Steeps (including steep off piste).  

Slalom Max 33.07, Mark 41.11

We had to devise a “Russell” points system to see who might end up taking the day’s Russell award. We decided on 1 point for a snowplough or a bad decision and points for each person knocked over from a crash – excepting snowboarders who counted as negative points. Negative points could also be won through exceptionally good results or clever decisions. Mark blew it when he fell off the button lift at the slalom and then skied down through both race courses and through the finish line triggering the timer! He was so upset at becoming the day’s Russell that he had to be given a special one off dispensation. The day included airbag jumping – which was hard to get Mark away from once he got started. We managed some steep and deep off piste on which neither of the boys fell over. Later on we descended one rocky gully which needed a rope to climb down at one point and then finished with the hardest black run in Val d’Isère – the Epaule du Charvet. Which was skied well by both the boys.       Landing on his feet…   Inclining… Piste perdu… The boys are on the ridge at the bottom right… This is a bone eating vulture – not an eagle – you can tell by the shape of the tail…

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