Derin 2015 Day 3

  Unfortunately today there wasn’t much time for filming so we only have a few moments recorded towards the end of the day as Derin negotiates a natural “half-pipe” for the first time – followed by steep and narrow bumps and then a steep traverse out of the gully – all of which she managed unassisted. We skied a lot of off-piste for long runs and Derin stayed in my tracks the whole time effortlessly – getting faster all the time and dealing with even some quite steep slopes and deeper snow – the snow often  being variable and not the easiest. We only spent a few minutes on edging exercises – introducing side-slipping to add to the side-stepping down a steep slope. Derin was making progress constantly so my aim was just to proceed with this and allow it to continue – covering very varied terrain and as much mileage as possible. Derin did really well, is very brave and has a great attitude. The weather will perhaps not be so good tomorrow so we may focus on more technical exercises if that is the case. I’m very happy with her progress and that she can now get around the mountain quickly, ski comfortably off-piste beside a red slope and deal with all sorts of snow conditions with no problems (except steep ice at the moment – due to her wide stance). We can ease off and work on technical stuff now if we have to.                                  

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