Ersin – Off Piste

Glacier source of the Isère… Ersin managed to do a good job off-piste, applying his new skills from yesterday’s session. When the going got a bit tough the old “survival” mode would kick in, but there were moments where the improvement was very visible.  Haluk was in cruise mode on his “Automatic” Atomics – but he also managed some very good moves and shows obvious improvement – even in a year dominated by injury. Persistence is what counts – through the bad times! This wasn’t a “technical” day, just a day of safe guiding/skiing but everyone was busy working constructively on their skiing and enjoying the sun and fresh snow – particularly through Col Pers. My only technical comment here is that Ersin needs to continue to work generally on awareness of an active centre of mass – especially when things get tough, steep or otherwise scary. This should be cultivated on piste – through carving, skating – or in racing poles.  Haluk needs to use the centre of mass more at the start of the turn – instead of using the knees to get an early inside edge. The centre of mass (inclination) should be the main source of edging – if and when edging is required! This issue is probably linked to the often over-flexed ankles – which causes the knee the move inwards a bit too much… a project for next year perhaps!

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