Alex Slalom Day 4

Alex – first day of Giant Slalom training!

Alex was working mainly on “start of turn dynamics”, but applying it to giant slalom for the first time. I think the bruises on his legs from slalom gates were probably getting to him so the change from special slalom was appreciated – as was the speed!

Later on I tried to get Alex to widen his stance a little to be able to make a more rapid edge change and turn transition. This led us onto “Ted Ligety” turns…! I think Alex did quite a good job of getting reasonably close to this for his first ever day of GS coaching!

I’ve not actually explained anywhere on this blog the technical differences that allow such a major level of dynamics – but Alex now knows how to get there! I’ll save the explanation for the time being and keep it a secret with Alex.  
We had another nice morning – but in the afternoon when biking we were caught out by a storm. Unfortunately it hit us suddenly when we were on a long chairlift – high winds and freezing lashing rain. Then Alex freaked out on the bike and when I prompted him with some encouragement he responded by asking if I didn’t have a “weather app” in my brain! We did get pretty muddy – but all got down safely. Alex did brilliantly for a 10 year old with no experience of mountain biking. 
Meanwhile, the Alien Landing Platform on the Tignes glacier is looking more impressive than ever!

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