Derin 2016 Day 3

Derin found another gear today and started skiing much better. Once again she skied throughout the whole session – not wanting a break.

Fronts of Boots

Before setting off this afternoon I had one of her sisters translate a few things for me – explaining how she has been leaning on the backs of her boots and should be at least touching if not pressing against the front of the boots instead. The leaning back so much just locks up all the leg muscles and so she can’t control very much that way and it is very tiring.
On the snow Derin responded very well and seemed to speed up almost immediately as a result while having even better control. She was able to stay accurately behind me while turning at about twice yesterday’s speed. 


Derin’s sideslipping is improving every day and she often now does it herself while playing.


Derin’s edge control has improved enormously and she can now side-step uphill without difficulty.

Skating – Herringbone step

Derin now has good coordination for stepping uphill in a skating stance and for some skating on the flats. The leg coordination is now there and she can identify the grip from her ski edges. I had to explain what the edges (of the skis) were – because I realise that she didn’t know. Most of the time she doesn’t let on when she doesn’t understand.

Invisible Wall

We revised the “Invisible Wall” and she had forgotten how it works. However once pushing her shoulder hard against me she remembered how to move her body again. Today was a positive step forwards. It’s taken the previous two days really just getting back up to her previous speed and then starting to learn new skills and awareness. Much of the things she heard a few years ago will have been mostly forgotten so now she is learning what they really mean.
Lenticular Wave Cloud forming above the Grande Sassière

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