Derin The Brave

While her big sisters were safely sheltering at home Derin the intrepid adventurer was out exploring new ski runs where she had never ventured before – braving howling winds, poor visibility and bumpy, chopped up snow on the pistes – without any sign of a complaint.
Photograph of our skis during a hot chocolate stop.
Today my job was about motivation and Derin’s task was about experience. She skied close behind me all the time and I only knew she was there because I couldn’t see her – tucked in so closely. The conditions were too severe to slow down for exercises or anything like that. The teaching just becomes one of extending boundaries and perception. Derin is amazingly resilient and adaptable. One thing that is very commendable is that she now wants to attempt everything by herself – putting on skis in the snow and skating by herself instead of being pulled over the flats. It’s good to see this sort of independence. This also means that when she asks for help you know she needs it.
I forgot to mention yesterday – when taking a photograph of Derin with her hot chocolate – I asked her to smile. She said she didn’t know how to smile. I replied that neither did I. We both burst out laughing and of course Derin had her mouth full of chocolate so predictably it went all over the place. I have to say that for a seven year old she has a well developed sense of humour.

I spotted this sign at the Tichot chairlift. I wonder what’s going on here?

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