Suzanne, Ella, Daisy Day 4




Suzanne neede to revise how to eliminate her stemming and to be sure to get pressure on the uphill ski BEFORE initiating any turn. Keeping the uphill ski on its uphill edge and yet using the inside edge of the foot totally blocks any stemming and helps to develop appropriate coordination. Suzanne also had a tendency to allow the knees to come out and the skis to flatten and then drift sideways and once this was brouhgt to her attention she made a strong change – using the adductor muscles to hold the skis and feet on edge. Ellas was still initiating her turns with horse commands but she did a good job of eliminating that too when made aware of it. Occasionally Daisy forgets that she isn’t on a horse too.  

Off Piste – Improving Dynamics

When using dynamics you can naturally ski off piste with no changes required. The ski loads up strongly (entire base not just the edge) so the lifting power of the ski is amplified and the deep snow makes it very clear whether or not you are moving that Centre of Mass far enough inwards during the turn! When everyone understood the falling stopped.    


We reinforced the work on pivoting and this was supported by previously using the uphill ski for sideslipping – uphill edge of ski and lower edge of foot – weight mainly on this ski. This use of the ski and foot is how we prepare for a pivot. Tomorrow they can all begin to use this on the steeper slope to turn tightly and control speed.    

Increasing Speed

On our last run the improved dynamics and edge control allowed me to safely increase the speed for everyone.      

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