William, James, Johnny

All great skiers with great attitude!

I felt proud to ski with two boys that I taught who have retained everything. To ski so little and yet handle those conditions like that is great. However WTF are you doing with your ski poles William?

William’s dynamics are great in the deep snow. Judicious use of the mechanical pivot (from the skis not the legs) is also present. James nails it back on the piste with chopped up snow – avoiding overturning and using very good dynamics. Those chopped up conditions is where William needs to maintain his dynamics and avoid too much pivot. Johnny’s skiing is very disciplined and tidy – as should be expected from someone with instructor training. All three boys have good athleticism and ability. For Johnny to develop his skills in interesting directions it’s worth observing the much greater dynamic range of the other boys here. They are not highly disciplined or trained skiers but this brings them a great liberty and capacity beyond the expectations of occasional recreational skiers. Here’s a photograph of Ted Ligety demonstrating standing upright, in balance and in a snowplough! (Right?) Refer to the fixed pages (accessed from the menu) for some technical explanations – or go through the blog to look at some relevant case studies – there is a lot of information available for anyone who is curious. Johnny will be sent a carbon tax bill for all the CO2 he emitted and Anthropogenic Global Warming caused when overbreathing after climbing back uphill in the deep snow after damaging a hidden rock with his ski.

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