Return of the sun–Lac d’Annecy

First time the sun has been out for weeks – so it was off early to the Annecy lake and in for a swim (4.5 °C) then a dip without the wetsuit to finish off. My cold adaptation is poor at the moment so it was painful – especially when returning for a second dip after thinking it might be easier when the body had recovered from the first shock – it really wasn’t. Christiane by using cold showers at home had no problem at all going into the cold water and swimming with just her bathing costume.

The feeling after the water was like someone had pushed a reset button – all stress and fatigue vanished! We both used the hyperventilation breathing procedure designed by Wim Hoff (The Iceman) and it does work. Neither of us were even shivering afterwards.

I went for a 20k “time trial” bike ride after and ended up working in a fast moving peloton that spontaneously emerged on the cycle path around the lake. It felt exactly like being in a proper race – really good! Tested new carbon racing shoes – bought for 75e instead of 200e and the difference is phenomenal. I always thought the extra price would be a waste but there really is a huge difference – the contact of the sole of the foot along the whole length of the shoe to the heel never being lost. The 40 minute spin knocked my system back into ketosis (measured the following morning).

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