Liliana – Timothy 1

Cold but clear and perfect day for skiing. Timothy skied a year ago but seems to have a very good physical memory and is immediately at home on his skis. Liliana – slightly worried about fitness – is taking it easy, not having skied for several years. She too looks good on her skis right from the start. I took some video just for a record and picked one thing for each to work on. This wasn’t a technical day – it was meant really for Liliana to recover her confidence. Timothy had a good hard ski with me towards the end of the day.

Timothy was rushing the starts of his turns a little and his upper body is a bit too upright and far back. To help to change this I asked him to think of finishing the turn on the uphill edge of the uphill ski and to push up with that leg as he started to complete the turn. This generates pressure on the top ski in the new turn and so prevents you from rushing the turn and also gives clearer feedback to the body for standing more perpendicular to the mountain.

Lilian was worried about a weakness in her left hip and she was also showing her familiar tendency to sit a bit too much – pushing her bottom behind and losing strength and posture. We worked on turning the pelvis alone – not the shoulders – to pull the hip back with a slight counter rotation at the base of the spine. This action begins with the start of the turn and continues all the way through. The second video clip of Liliana shows her focusing on this and she looks much more upright and stronger.

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