Avni Day 4

Today was more about applying technique than learning a lot of new details. We had one short warm up run before launching straight into action with “Feet Forward” tehcnique…

Feet Forward

When using dynamics the way to sharply tighten the turn radius is to push the outside ski forwards during the turn. Static exercises are used to cultivate the appropriate action and feeling. When this is carried out on skis there is no visibly perceivable difference to the turn other than it is much tighter – due to the ski being rendered more active.

The static exercise makes it clear that it is linked to a skating action with the leg swinging forwards and around with no twisting being involved.  This is also the first step in learning to dissociate upper and lower body activity and prevent unwanted body and hip rotation.

Shaping the Turn – Early Pressure

Avni was rushing the starts of her turns – especially on steeper terrain, so I explained that the first half of the turn should take longer and be more progressive than the second half. There was also a tendency to stem – but hard to be clear about which ski was stemming. Avni’s knee was a bit sore too so I chose to try to sort out all of this with one thing – early pressure on the uphill edge of the uphill ski during the completion of the existing turn! When turning on steeper terrain the uphill (inside leg) during the end phase of the turn is bent much more than the downhill leg – especially if the skis are held slightly more apart than usual. This flex of the leg can then be put to use by pushing up to finish off the up movement out of the turn – making it impossible to stem that ski and ensuring a full commitment to that ski and progressive start to the turn. This made Avni’s skiing much smoother and more secure. Practice is needed – but she is doing really well soldiering through her cold and lack of sleep!

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