Alex -1- Slalom Development

Skating Double Push.

After listing the current apparent weaknesses visible in Alex’s skiing we put those issues aside and went on to something new – the “Skating Double Push”.

When various problems persist over time then it indicates that they are symptoms – not causes. Directly trying to change them practically always fails. However – finding out what the underlying causes are isn’t easy!

The aim here today was to get early pressure on the turning ski – but to do that effectively the mechanism is “slightly” unexpected. Likewise – with Alex in the video the mechanism is not visible to the untrained eye – yet after only a few runs he executes it well – looks fluid, smooth, well centred and grounded – skis responsive and dynamic.

The key is to finish off the existing turn on the uphill edge of the uphill ski – downhill edge of this uphill foot – extending the leg to add an additional skating “pump” and speed surge while exiting the turn. That is probably impossible to understand here – but it’s just written as a reminder for Alex! The main thing is that it gives a solid turn transition and keeps the skier well centred automatically – the whole ski working – and enabling the skier to attack instead of being defensive and in the “back seat”.

Tomorrow we are already able to move on…

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