Caragh, William

My goal with athletic youngsters is to have them skiing parallel in two hours on a gentle slope – from being total beginners. Caragh went further and was competently skiing on a blue run by then. William was still a bit too wobbly for that and needs a little more time to get there.

Most of teh time was taken just getting used to having the skis on the feet and feeling the edges of the feet and edges of the skis. The two major fundamentals of skiing are “skating” and “dynamics” – which means using the skate to move your centre of mass in the direction you want it to go!

We went through a straightforward beginning with one ski only – to skating and turning with skating steps all on the flat – then onto the hill where the skills were taken further and into skating turns. Eventually the idea is to be able to move teh centre of mass without the actual skate – which they both manages very well. Caragh had a better feel for it – but William isn’t far behind.

There are full demonstrations and more thorough explanations here:

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