Jordan, Mali

Jordan and Mali ware complete beginners so we began from scratch on the flat, with skating techniques. Jordan was sure she didn’t like skating but proved to be very natural with the movement patterns after being shown correctly how to use them.

Unfortunately the terrain was extremely limited, being very short and mostly too steep to let the skis run freely and in security. Although great progress was being made we really needed a gentle slope several times longer to allow proper adaptation. Both girls are very good learners with great attitudes but this didn’t really get the opportunity to properly shine through.

All the basic exercises and explanations can be found here with demonstrations… Beginners

Jordan and mali understood dynamics well and the edge control with the feet and leg muscles derived from skating – but we needed more gentle terrain to avoid excessive accelerations to have the confidence to build the skills. Inevitably we ended up having to add snowplough to the mix – though it was introduced in a way that preserves dynamics. Mali was good at this immediately – moving the centre of mass into the turn instead of outwards over the outside ski – and it worked. Jordan, who knew she didn’t like the snowplough, had to consciously release the edges more when in the plough by letting the skis flatten – then it started to work for her while preserving the correct dynamics.

IF I don’t get the opportunity to input more for Jordan and Mali the important thing is to preserve the dynamics and gradually reduce the size of the snowplough while using the leg muscles and feet more for grip – pulling inwards – rather than pushing outwards.

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