Tony 3 + Al

Video later in the session – working on using the downhill ski to rise up out of the turn – coming over the front of the skis then pushing over into the new turn with the uphill leg and driving the new outside ski forward ready to repeat the process…

Tony was a bit unstable today (probably accumulated tiredness) so we went into revision mode directly from the warm up, working on dynamics and pushing the centre of mass positively and strongly with the uphill leg. The turn exit dynamics (staying on the lower ski to get out of the turn) was worked on next to link turns better and try to avoid the “Tony Shuffle” in the transition. (This being a stubborn legacy from 20 years of moving the centre of mass in the wrong direction)

Carving was developed using angulation from the hip/pelvis (bottom up – instead of top down from the shoulders) and Tony was progressively understanding how to hold the skis on edge on suitable terrain. Even if the upper body angulates towards the outside of the turn the centre of mass must move inwards – even if that means standing heavily on the inside ski at very low speeds.

“Foot Forward Technique” was taught for tightening the turn radius – pushing the outside ski forward taking the leg in a natural arc. This was later linked to the dynamics making linked shallow, short turns coming out of each turn early over the lower ski. The skier has to learn to make moves before they appear to be required (normally learned in racing).

Pivot was worked on for a while and some basic exercises were repeated. When Tony gets it wrong it’s due to anxiously twisting the body and bring the supporting hip outwards instead of inwards. We later worked on counter rotating the pelvis during the turn to prevent and develop awareness of this twisting /rotation issue and the inability it causes for relaxing the hip joint and hence the legs.


Al – second day skiing (ever) – no snow plough – only dynamics – taught by Hunt. (Skiing better than the guy dressed in red above).

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