Derin 2020 day 3

Today we went for a small tour down to Les Brévières and back by different routes. While trying to keep Derin in her comfort zone regarding terrain we worked on technique along the way.

Derin is finding it difficult to progress with the “pivot” skills so we just spend a little time on it each day. The main problem is that she wants to twist/torque the ski into the turn and forces her hip to the outside of the turn in the process instead – preventing the body from moving into the turn. When physically assisted she can do it correctly – but not on her own. We will persist. This is not so visible to the untrained eye when she skis – but the “upright body” is an indication.

We revised “dynamics” – the moving of the body (centre of mass) into the turn. For some reason (probably associated with the above twisting action) Derin does not move her centre of mass enough.

My feeling is that with Derin the right way to bring improvement is to make sure she enjoys it – and be patient. Regardless – she never wants to stop for a break or to go inside so she gets a good workout for sure. The video shows how upright she remains constantly – the body needs to move (globally) much more – like an upside down pendulum.

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