Lorna, Mary H, Liam

All three in the group have learned to ski previously with standard snowplough progressions and the use of statics. Today’s goal would be to convert this into dynamics.

First off is the video prior to making any changes…

Fictitious Forces… “… An example in a rotating reference frame is the force that appears to push objects outwards towards the rim of a centrifuge. These apparent forces are examples of fictitious forces. “

Here is the progress at the end of the first session…

You have one job: Fall over (laterally)
The ski has one job: To lift you up!
Consequence: Turning.

We initially worked on skating, with Lorna learning how to skate properly from scratch – which she managed very well. The exercises and explanations can be found here “Beginners/Skating“. The idea of skating is to move the centre of mass – feeling how displacing it causes a change in direction incrementally by stepping with the skis diverging.

Secondly we developed the idea of how displacing the centre of mass actually functioned and how it felt physically. Full explanations are found here “Dynamics“.

Finally we worked on the use of the feet, using the subtaler joint beneath the ankle to rock the foot on edge with pressure on the heel to feel this and bending at the knee and hip only. (Stiffens the ankle for support).

The goal would be to turn with the outside (outside of the turn) foot rolled onto its inside edge, the adductor muscles of that leg pulling inwards (to the turn centre) and the centre of mass falling inwards constantly against the ski trying to cut underneath and so lift the centre of mass out of the turn.

There was no time for individual feedback today – the goal was to provide everyone with an overall basic understanding and set of goals.

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