Haluk, Rober, Levend

It’s always beautiful after the storm! It’s even more beautiful if you get to ski in powder snow and there was plenty around today despite the vicious winds during the storm. Took the time to film one descent only – skiing was too good to interrupt for more!

  • Bottom part of the Face de Bellevarde
  • Mattis gully next to the start of the Datcha chair
  • Mattis again from top of the Laissinant chair
  • Descent to the Signal from the top of the Laissinant chair
  • Trees to Le Fornet (Saw a white hare – which that area is actually named after – Le Lievre Blanc)
  • Sunny Bowl
  • Col Pers (Gorge open)
  • Traverse from the Signal (Pyramides Express) chair into the bottom of the Grand Vallon – all the way to Le Fornet
  • Top part of Mattis again
  • Le Manchet off piste – far to the skier’s right of the lift
  • Solaise off piste (Les Marmottes) – including trees down to the village

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