Gia, Zakira, Rafi

Today’s video was taken before we began working on technique. None of the skiers could ever remember being filmed skiing so it’s definitely time for them to see themselves.

Dynamics & Pivot
We worked a little of dynamics – how to consciously use the Centre of Mass to make the skis work. The buttons at the top of the page are links to fixed pages explaining both Dynamics and Pivot (with demo videos) – so I won’t repeat everything here.

We tackled first of all how to start a turn and later on looked at how to complete a turn on the downhill ski. The main thing is to understand that skiing is not about “balance”- it is the exact opposite. Your job as a skier is to “fall over” and the ski’s job is to lift you back up – and the consequence of all of this is a turn. Good dynamics is what allows people to properly enjoy off piste skiing or even racing.

During the spell of bad weather we took a moment to begin an introduction to the “pivot” – which is a braking form of turning for steep terrain, bumps, couloirs and powder snow. This is to prepare the skiers for being more in control in challenging terrain. Each skier was in turn assisted physically though a single pivot so as to feel what it is like.

Gia is the most fluid of the skiers due to her using pressure on the outside ski from the beginning of each turn. She also has a good natural movement pattern including a fair amount of dynamics.

Zakira moves nicely too but has much less confidence because she hasn’t discovered how to use early pressure on the turning ski.

Rafi enjoys his skiing but rushes the start of his turns completely – so a lot of work has to be done there! He had a good athleticism so hopefully he chooses to learn with it!

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