Tala, Mohammed

Tala was a bit nervous today after yesterday’s descent from the restaurant. Just a few runs on the easy green and with one assisted descent her confidence returned. Going to the top of the Jardin Alpin lift though made Tala over cautious though she allowed me to assist her through her turns – completing the descent on her own without incident and then asking if we could do this again another two times.

On the second descent good progress was being made in understanding how the line and shape of the turn created speed control – but a couple of moments of confusion caused two slow falls and Tala lost her confidence again and partying definitely became the preferred option for the rest of the day. It was unfortunate because Tala was actually doing really well and learning quickly. The solution to this situation is very simple – “persistence”! (along with the appropriate coaching feedback)

We worked a little on the “Pivot” to introduce Tala to the concept and explain how to turn very tightly.

Before and after learning the basics of dynamics

The first video shows Mohammed’s trained understanding of skiing – keeping the body steady and pushing the skis out to the side and below for a braking effect. This also contains many elements of “ski school” dogma including “balance” and “weight transfer”, “bend the knees” and “hop” etc.

The second video is 15 minutes later after learning to move the Centre of Mass instead. The skiing is already starting to flow and the body mechanics are now naturally in tune due to functional movement. We only had enough time to work on a few details but the change is striking. Mohammed had been asked to ski with his feet apart.

Yesterday’s post for Tala covers the details of the feet/legs support for dynamics and the following link explains some more “Dynamics

High dynamic range in race training (needs carving skis)
Dynamics combined with Pivot off piste
Working on pure Pivot skills

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