John 2

Today we began with a focus on “strategy” – how to get down a difficult or potentially dangerous slope. Traversing, sideslip, side step and kick turns can be used to get down anything. If in doubt then just use them.


  • Feet together
  • Both feet inverted
  • Adductors working on both legs
  • Use the Centre of Mass like a joystick to control the direction or stopping (CoM uphill) of the slipping


  • Diverge skis from the hips – wide
  • Both feet inverted
  • Adductors working on both legs
  • Propulsion from Centre of Mass falling forward (diagonally) and gliding in the direction of the diverged ski
  • Fall over more to generate dynamics and skating becomes skiing
  • When skiing let the lower ski bring you up out of a turn – thus the skating “happens to you”
  • Link the turns – don’t kill the energy by going into a traverse


  • Stand up on the balls of the feet – slight ankle extension
  • Use the muscles in the feet (as shown indoors)
  • Feet inverted and adductors activated
  • Stance close (as in final video clip)
  • When dynamics are used to initiate a turn also tilt forwards to anticipate the acceleration and slope geometry
  • Shins against fronts of boots – ankle kept firm and supportive
  • Close stance prevents “resisting” and “pushing out” with the outside leg and allows it to relax and flex more easily
  • Maintain the skating timing – either actively or passively – linking turns (Keep the legs active and avoid being static – always movement)

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