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The most interesting events today seem to have been the falls. Starting with Alex and Daisy arriving late at the start of the day the troubles then escalated – bindings supposedly set on 7 actually being set on 4 – shin guards that simply would not stay on the legs. Daisy taking a step back from yesterday allowing the poles to intimidate and distract her so that neither managed to finish a timed run without a DNF or major error. The snow was melting – transforming but going through the very sticky phase that tries to grab you out of your skis. Later the course was so irregularly rutted that Alex couldn’t stay in it – but at least the moaning and groaning seemed to give way to resigned humour towards the end of the day just before the rain started.

Skating (Advanced, Early Pressure)
Daisly was too passive in the slalom so we worked on skating to generate power. The flexed inside leg is used towards the end of the turn to extend and push the skier with a skating action into the next turn – aiding all the other aspects of “coming over” the lower ski. The foot of the uphill (flexed leg) must be on its inside edge regardless of the ski still being on its uphill (outside ) edge. The push can begin even before the existing turn is completed – giving the “double skate” and extra propulsion through the end of the turn as well as continuing through the transition and into the new turn. This is how “early Pressure” is achieved.

Daisy managed a section of the stubby poles that looked more active but I didn’t manage to fim it. In the edited video somehow daisy’s intended run was replaced by a repeat of Alex’s video – too late to change. Tomorrow however I’m sure Daisy will do better anyway and I’ll be sure to get footage.

Alex in the video is seen skating in the stubbies and looking very dynamic as a result. That’s using his stiffest ski boots too.

Daisy had the pivot explained to her and she picked it up very rapidly. The “Pivot” button at the top of the page explains all with demo videos.

The main reason for working on this is to encourage the work with the adductor muscles and feel for “pulling inwards” laterally – ALL THE TIME. Daisy’s fall on the upper video happened when she let the knee of her lower leg flip outwards – similar to the mistake in the bottom picture here when she is in the verticale.

Mike was individually challenging The Angulator – not sure who’s winning yet!

Which is more skillful; Netball or Basketball? – settling the debate between Alex and Daisy…
Netball is more skillful than basketball:

Good form…
Pear shaped…

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