Alex, Daisy 5

Hard day today with constantly changing snow conditions.

Alex started the morning unhappy with his ski’s lack of grip on the ice. Both mornings and afternoons saw brave efforts at staying in the course. However Alex was aware of his own stivoting and ducking under poles. I don’t see much wrong with the skating, retraction/extension, using the front of the skis or angulation.

The problem to me appears to be that the stivoting is done from an upright stance and is a rotation of the skis – whereas if the airborne ski was to be laid over more on edge (and the skier more inclined) it would still make the turn without losing the tight line. Watch the comparison video of Henrik Kristoffersen… The thing is not to use the stivot to create a flat ski.

Daisy Basketball
Trying hard to come up with exercises to get Daisy to understand how to move the centre of mass – this particular one was fun to do! Daisy standing between Alex and me and each of us literally pushing her over to be caught be the other and pushed back – turning her into an upside down human pendulum.

Daisy managed to improve her dynamics – but only when not hitting the poles!

We also worked on how to improve hip angulation while moving the centre of mass. The first video clip in the poles shows Daisy with a strong whole body rotation (particularly on the left leg) and the last clip shows angulation on her left side instead of rotation.

The last video is Daisy trying to copy Alex with dynamics and angulation.

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