Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Alex – working on

  • Independent leg action
  • Wide stance
  • Early pressure on the uphill ski (wide stance permitting rapid access to the inside edge)
  • Extending the outside leg
  • Natural leg retraction (downhill leg or both) when completing the turn

The goal is to incorporate the above with the improved “fore/aft”, angulation and stability to generate higher speed and agility. It worked – but practice is needed.

The course will be kept rhythmic to allow focus to be on technique.

The leg extension gives a thrust of the centre of mass into the turn – but also gives the illusion that the legs are being extended outwards – which is how most people would (incorrectly) interpret this visually.

Daisy – trying to take a line closer to the poles and to avoid “reaching” for the poles (and losing angulation). Her best runs weren’t videoed. When getting it right she was clearing all the poles in the top section. Later on the legs and angulation/inclination were becoming too passive – it’s a FIGHT – a BATTLE in a slalom course!

Tallulah – Team (Marmy) Marmotte – going strong! She already has independent leg action. We would need much flatter terrain to develop skating elements and an attacking line in the poles.

Alex – first three images show the sequence of extension /retraction enhanced by the independent leg action. The next two show the leg independence clearly.

Daisy showing good basic body control – a good base for developing on.
Tallulah a bit too far back on the skis – but better than nearly anyone else in her age group!

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