Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Tallulah and Daisy exploring the limits of how far back they can get on their skis!

Tallulah on the tails of her skis – but engaging her core muscles.

This is where we see Alex’s upper body rotation – the red pole being right across the hill from me. Any amount of unnecessary rotation on such a short arc will cause loss of grip and power. The aim is to retain all the feelings from the skis that we have worked on – while eliminating the rotation. Essentially the body does NOT move laterally – the Centre of Mass (CoM) moves like a pendulum with complex internal components. The physical sensation that should emerge is one of “translation” – the upper body appearing to face and travel downhill while moving from side to side. Meanwhile the CoM must be work with mainly inclination and angulation must maintain pressure on the ski fronts safely.

Daisy showing good independent leg action. The crippled left arm is always in this position but can be raised up to face height when approaching a pole.

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