Thursday 15th July 2010

Short training workout, from Aime (700m) up to 1400m on the La Plagne road. The la Plagne road is quite steep and relentless but has a good rolling surface so it is enjoyable to climb. The wide road also means that traffic can give you plenty of space.

Started pushing hard from the beginning so as to have a high intensity workout. Perhaps due to tiredness from pushing ultra hard up the Col de la Madeleine two days earlier it wasn’t possible to get my heart rate high enough to be anaerobic for any sustained period of time. Despite the heart not going up so high I was able to sustain a slightly higher gear and keep a good cadence – which meant quite high power and speed. The previous time I’d done this climb was in June and managed a time of 50 minutes – pushing really hard. Today’s time was 8 minutes faster at 42 minutes. The last month has seen a significant improvement in fitness and today it was a real buzz to keep the body working so powerfully for a sustained period.

Swimming daily at the moment due to the outdoor pool being open and the opportunity to acquire a good dose of vitamin D. Still working on crawl technique but really feel like I’ve “Got It” now as it all makes sense. Will progressively start to work on stamina soon and make technique a secondary issue.

Need to start running again soon too. Running was abandoned due to the intense preparations for the Marmotte.

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