Granier Training

Friday 30th July 2010

GPSies - Aime Granier, Valezan, Vulmix, Bourg, Macot, Aime

Straightforward workout, trying not to overdo it but to maintain fitness. Would have preferred to workout on Thursday to have more rest in preparation for Sunday’s race – but weather was not cooperative.

Observations on Breathing

I notice that when nasal breathing the heart rate does not climb so rapidly at the start of a workout – it is a much more progressive climb and seems to relate better to the “warming up ” process of getting the muscles to the right working temperature – which takes time.
Felt much stronger than usual today and despite not exerting to the upper limit was able to match previous best times for this climb this year. On those other occasions I’d been pushing to the limit and was anaerobic. Couldn’t get an accurate time check at the end because the road is closed at the last 100m. Took a side road with an extraordinarily steep climb – real fun – but it was blocked by a tractor unloading hay – bad timing!
Began carbo loading in the evening – didn’t like stuffing myself with pasta even if it was wholegrain. Continued generally overeating after that and went to bed stuffed. Woke up mouth breathing and a kilo heavier than the day before. Eating definitely affects breathing.


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