Fully recovered from horible nasty cold virus effects…

Really had to drag myself out on the bike today – the effects of that virus still being coughed up and dragging me down. I was fully expecting another slow and relatively miserable workout. Strangely and despite a lack of enthusiasm I ended up breaking my record for the tough Aime, Montgirod, Moutiers, Notre Dame du Pré, Aime circuit – by about 2 minutes – taking 2hrs 37mins. Really don’t know where that came from! I was able to move into 3rd gear instead of 2nd on quite a few climbing sections so that clearly ramped the speed up. There were no unpleasant leg pains and no trouble getting my heart up to 174bpm – first time it’s gone over 165bpm for a fortnight. Looks like the bug didn’t drain all my strength away forever after all.

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