Two Sports!

The day after the long “barefoot” run my calves were quite sore with DOMS, as would be expected, but not enough to feel this when cycling. Prior to employing Gordon Pirie’s techniques a long almost 50 minute “barefoot” run would have crippled my calves because I haven’t been running at all for a long time. The one really surprising thing though was that my legs were totally shot for cycling – there was no strength at all there. I did about 1000m climbing yesterday but couldn’t go fast. On the other hand this time last year I’d have climbed no slower even without being so tired. Today I climbed 500m in the middle of a severe thunder and lightening storm ( a bit scary!) and felt some strength returning and the DOMS receding already – but don’t know if I’ll be good for racing on Sunday. It took 37 minutes to climb to Granier whereas last year I’d brought this down to 29’56”. I feel that by Sunday the legs could be back to normal. This is the problem when trying to work on two sports. Still, the running is so enjoyable that it is just going to have to work out.

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