Foot Strike

Here is a link and a couple of videos relating to the link where excellent examples of foot striking are shown.

Harvard University

It seems that the foot best hits the ground almost horizontally so that there is not a big build up of load on the calves. Perhaps it’s best to use midfoot striking as a transition towards forefoot striking. The other day I criticised Christiane for extending her ankle and pointing her toes down prior to landing on them – because I read somewhere (forgotten where) that this is wrong. It seems however if you read the entire scientific article referred to by the above link that this is actually correct. If I allow my ankle to be extended slightly then that should also ensure a forefoot strike – so I’ll try that later today.
Yesterday made myself go out for a cold weather ride on the bike – just so that I’d be able to rest on the two days leading up to Sunday’s big race in Haute Savoie. Despite an intense indoors workout the evening before I was surprised to find myself very strong over distance and reducing Tuesday’s time by over 7 minutes over a 1hr 32minute circuit. It seems that the long workouts during the past few months have improved stamina but those short intense sessions are needed to build speed. It also seems that by going out every day there is a better accumulative effect than by having recovery days. Saying that, I’m sure that really fresh and rested legs on Sunday will pay off.

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