Gareth Off Piste – with Dynamics

The big tube is for remotely setting off gas explosions to bring down avalanches. (I’m not referring to Gareth!) The dynamics are pretty good, just a little bit too far back. More committed turn exit dynamics on the lower ski would sort that out. The snow was heavy and wind packed so it easily makes you “back off”. Gareth had been pivoting a few days ago with a fairly “back” stance but this tends to make you fall onto the inside ski with dynamics…  He is pleased at how tidy his improved skiing is in comparison with the past – but also disappointed to now not have the linked head-plants and cartwheels of the past which had ranked him easily alongside Homer Simpson – especially with the speciality “throwing the gigantic belly around the turn” turns which are the hall mark of true Simpson’s quality skiiing.   The inspirational Christian music in the video is because this is how Gareth feels about his new skis…

  Better centred.

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