Global Warming Special

First bike ride this year in shorts and T-shirt – after a six month long cold winter and more snow than I’ve ever seen here.  It seems to have snowed almost constantly since November. Here’s an interesting quotation:

(The Kyoto Protocol is) the first component of an authentic global government.
French president Jacques Chirac, 2000

Well, THAT’S what anthropogenic global warming is all about! The actual  AGW “science” is utterly pathetic but people are very easily bamboozled. Good Scientists aren’t! (useful link)  Chi-cycling Interesting bike ride though. Despite significant winter weight gain I felt leg power that was absent all last summer. Completely inexplicable! The entire cycling season last year was just a struggle and void of any good feelings. I’d gone through that winter without any weight gain due to frequent  running – but it’s like the body felt empty when Spring came and cycling was always an effort right through until the final hill climb competition in September. One ski lesson I did with Rowdy some time ago made me realise the connection between the hip going back and load on the core muscles. This translates to feeling the resistance in the stomach when pushing the pedal forwards and down – combined with the hip extending and initially moving backwards. The feeling when pushing on the pedal is that much of the power comes from the core and hip extensors instead of the quads. All last year I’d used this same coordination but without feeling the right connection. I’d been pulling back the hip as a separate thing – there was no real integration with the core muscles during the push. Towards the top of the main climb today (900m)  I tested this by accelerating and the feeling was great. Later on I tested this up a short sharp climb that I can never power through all the way to the end – but this way there was no caving in before the end. Guess the next month will see where all of this is going.

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