Pivot Demonstrations

Outside Ski, Outside Edge (Initiation)

The first demonstration is a pivot initiated from the outside edge of the outside ski. The inside ski is lifted out of the way to make the process clearly visible. The pole is planted and weighted and the turn is initiated by moving the centre of mass into the turn but by taking up the weight on the pole and stopping the ski from changing edge. This allows the ski to swing/slip sideways downhill into the turn. The right foot is rolled onto its inside edge and the adductor muscles pulled inwards. The right hip pulled backwards during the turn so that rotation is avoided in the second half of the turn and the turn is completed with angulation.


Inside Ski, Inside Edge (Initiation)

Turning from the inside ski is trickier because it requires a clearer commitment to the turn of the centre of mass – and a need to hold this towards the inside of the turn in the second half. The support foot still rolls inwards and the adductor muscles still pull inwards – so it is clearly the centre of mass and the pole use that control the turn.


One Ski Pivot

Linking the turns together in a controlled manner…

The next stage is to place both skis together to make a single “two footed” platform and to pivot with both skis – initiating each turn from the uphill edges.This is why a two footed platform is very useful in powder, bumps and short swings.


The key in the pivot is about control and awareness of the ski edges – and to avoid starting the turn on the downhill edge of the ski. As much of the first half of the turn as possible should be on the uphill edge when looking for the maximum braking effect and control of speed.

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