Alex Slalom 1

While Alex is strong now in Giant Slalom he still has a lot of work to do in Slalom. There are so many things going on that it’s difficult to separate things out at the moment when analysing. Trouble with dealing with the poles is one part of the problem but so is quickness of movement – particularly “down/up” timing which is too passive. Even when free skiing the short turn pressure cycle doesn’t look active. In GS there is high speed and so just getting over and getting the skis on edge there is a rapid build up of pressure – but to get the skis to turn more tightly this “park and ride” won’t work. The turn exit has to be earlier and the body has to “drop” into the turn initiation. Meanwhile reaching for the poles has to be stopped as it causes body rotation and loss of angulation. Over the next few days we will attempt to untangle this knot! Tomorrow we will work on the pressure cycle outside of the gates for a while.      

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