Alex 2

Alex predominantly stivoting and on the backs of his skis…   Alex, is Mikaela trying to get her skis close to the pole so she can hit it with her ski boots? Alex, is the front of her ski bent? Alex, is she going sideways and stivoting? 170203124732-mikaela-shiffrin-slalom-st-moritz-exlarge-169   On the backs of the skis – forced to stivot because the fronts are completely inaccessible. Being forwards is not just pressure on the fronts of the boots – it’s angulating and aligning the resultant force through the centre of mass with the front of the ski. Meanwhile the CoM itself is driving inwards until the turn is released.   Drifting sideways after a stivot – with carving skis???? Huge speed loss! In addition your maximum pressure is not at the apex because of this, it is well after the pole and beneath it.   Ther was improvement right at the end when we couldn’t film – so keep that last run in mind for tomorrow!

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