Alp Day 6

Today was all about getting Alp onto some far longer suitable runs that would provide far more opportunity for feedback and repetition. There was a minor battle with the lift company due to the only suitable lift immediately braking down and wasting about 50 minutes of our time – leaving us freezing in minus 16°C and needing to go indoors to warm up. Eventually we got going and managed to include two complete runs of the Fresse piste. Alp was only assisted on the short but overly steep start for about 150 metres – then he skied the rest by himself – half a kilometre of altitude.

There’s nothing to report today about “technique” – it was a management day but very critical for development and progress. Alp did extremely well – picking his own path in front of me when I was filming.  His exclamation at the end probably sums it up best “It was my best day ever – in my whole life!” I’m sure there will be many more “best days”!

The Grande Motte glacier to the left and the Grande Casse to the right.

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