Alex, Tallulah Slalom

Alex is now feeling the fronts of the skis. When you are in the back seat you tend to easily fall onto the inside ski and on the steeps you can’t stay in the course at speed. Angulation is the key to all of this. Angulation should only be a fine tuning of dynamics – though it is a significant bodily action. Good angulation combined with inclination allows pressure on the ski fronts (using the centre of mass) – without risk of face planting. This permits rapid movement of the body from one turn into the next on the steeps when turns are tight. It also helps on the less steep gradients for accessing the ski fronts to drive the first part of each arc instead of skidding (the new outside leg being extended to apply the pressure – very early)

We did some javelin turns on the steep at low speed to clarify the feeling of angulation.

Tallulah Is getting faster so needs to work on both dynamics and her line in the race course. We need to use a few exercises for dynamics but meantime she has to avoid going straight for the poles – aiming at a point higher up the hill than the pole.

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