Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Alex still working on consistency and self correction: Fore/aft issues still improving but ducking the hairpin which makes a slow line. Time to start augmenting the technique again – we need to get it up to the next level. Why wait? If you wait until you are ready you never do anything.

Daisy – good progress but don’t let the poles psych you out! You must use your legs – we’ve looked at 3 different ways now Jumping, skating and independent leg extension/retraction – but just going passive and riding the edges of your skis will not work in slalom turns – always be moving and working the turns – finishing them off, when necessary, against gravity.

Tallulah The slanting stubby poles were to trick her into clearing them with her shin guards – she just went completely around them making even bigger turns.

Tallulah’s Animals

Spot the Marmotte the two birds and the koala bear.

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