Alex, Daisy, Tallulah Slalom

Clip 1 – Ice – good grip due to early pressure and commitment to the outside ski. Still needs MORE commitment and power – will work on that tomorrow (It’s SCARY by the way!)
Clip 2 – Good attacking – using the early, independent leg extension to drive the centre of mass into the turn – and leg retraction to get back out. The leg must extend to then be able to be retracted. It sounds dumb but most people either stay extended or stay retracted (eg – Daisy!).

Starting to look like a slalom skier – well done!
Look at how you are still reaching for the pole and even blocking your line of sight! Compare with the photos of Alex below.
Angulation is good but will improve when you stand on the inside edges of both feet! Ask me about this tomorrow!

Great natural inclination. Still pulling the outside leg “inwards”. Bernie has helped today with the scrunched upper body and the left shoulder and arm being left behind in the turn. According to Bernie this issue is at a cellular level – affecting the whole side of her body – so could be linked to excessive sugar consumption and chicken nuggets.
Alex has a slight problem on his left side too – linked to not standing perfectly on the left hip joint. Pull the left hip (pelvis) back a bit more (independently of every other body part) throughout the turn. This has to be trained as most people do the opposite – it’s something I have to work hard at personally.

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