Alex Day 5

Finishing a Turn
Going fast on a bike straight along the road, turn the handlebars sharp right and you get airborne. This is how a ski also propels you out of a turn with the combined forces of your momentum and gravity – unless you either flatten your ski at that point (rolling the knees out) or you drop your centre of mass deeper into the existing turn. It’s called “finishing a turn”. This can feel like “over-turning” but it’s used actively for directing the centre of mass. (Day 4 report shows Shiffrin directing her centre of mass and Alex not doing this!)

Today Alex used this effect to propel the body into the new turn – combined with extending the uphill leg for early pressure – all oriented towards keeping the centre of mass working against the fronts of the skis as much as possible. It worked well – giving a solid stance, early carve, and tight line. The best complete run with this was the final run but I missed it with the camera – though the run that was filmed here is also good.

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