Hayley Max day 3

  • Snowplough (Centre of Mass)
  • Hip Angulation (Pivot, Chair)
  • Straight Leg (Dynamics)

Snowplough (Centre of Mass)
The braking snowplough requires the adductors of both legs to be relaxed to open up the hip joints.

First turns are made by simply tightening the adductors in one leg only – to turn left it’s in the right leg. With narrower ploughs then the adductors of both legs should be engaged.

Weight is always maintained on whatever ski is furthest down the mountain so that it can act as an effective brake. Changes of pressure on any ski are due to geometrical effects between the skis and the slope angle – not “transfer of weight”.

Starting a turn when traversing the slope in a plough requires only a slight movement of the Centre of Mass toward the downhill ski. This ski then slowly feeds the skier into a controlled turn. When facing directly down the fall line, the body being held constantly toward the inside ski in the turn, ensures the outside ski can takeover the completion of the turn. The pressure changes on the skis are automatic – just move the Centre of Mass toward the centre of the intended turn and keep it there from start to finish.

Hip Angulation (Pivot, Chair)
Straight Leg (Dynamics)
We started out by using hip angulation for controlling pivoted turns from stationary with a strong pole plant. Good progress was made.

Hip angulation applied to dynamics – particularly when straightening the outside leg – is best learned by using a chair and sitting on it with only one side of the bottom. This made a huge difference to Hayley’s stability, fluidity and speed – because it enabled a successful movement of the Centre of Mass.

Max improved when he realised he had to fully extend the outside leg. Now max – do that while pulling your adductors together like before – and you’ll be solid! (Yes – call it Pinamics!)

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