Eve Off Piste

This was Eve’s only day Off Piste this season – so she is skiing brilliantly for such little time on snow! Despite this being peak holiday season we had the off piste entirely to ourselves! Eve has fully understood the fact that the most important technical aspect of skiing is the smile! We did work a little towards the end on technique – to stop eve from letting her hip rotate around the turn (and twist her spine the wrong way in her case – accompanied with a loss of abdominal tension and hollowed lower back) – but only when there was no more off piste for the day and we had to get down a tricky passage with little snow.  The priority for the day was to find good snow and ski it – and to escape the manic madness of the pistes. The wide skis – over 12cm under the foot – were very stressful on Eve’s ankles so we had to swap over skis. It took me a while to realise why she was complaining about the ankles or I’d have swapped skis sooner. Anything over 11cm wide beneath the foot will cause this problem – especially when – as with Eve – most of the ligaments are already missing in the ankle. I found it tiring on my “complete” ligament set up with those wide skis! DSC01333   DSC01336   DSC01339   DSC01344   DSC01357

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