Suzanne, Ella, Daisy

  A special compilation video of the week’s skiing. What people will not see here is any sign of the typical “beginner” – no “snowplough” or “stemming”. The only issue to really overcome was the spontaneous rotation of the body for all three – due to them all being horse riders. Ella was the worst with this issue initially but when she carefully sorted it out she ended up being the strongest skier.     I highly recommend that the girls continue their interest in skating at home – an interest which played a great part in their success this week. They are not afraid of accelerations or of falling and know how to use their bodies naturally. Remember – this is just a beginning. Skiing is “holistic” in that it is very tolerant of errors. You can remove important elements and it still works (sort of) and is called skiiing. Being holistic is both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because it permits progressive learning and a curse because it permits insidious errors to install over time. Always work towards staying on track: If it doesn’t fit in with dynamics and skating then it’s nonsense – and there is an awful lot of that out there. Please don’t think that you “get it” and now you can just ski forgetfully or “absent mindedly”. Working with clients I personally “get” something new every day and that’s after 30 years of professsional teaching.  There are whole universes of off-piste, bumps and racing as well as mindful skiing in it’s own right.

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