Alp 2020 day 3

Breakthrough day today! Yesterday’s work was clearly coming through from the start today. First run (blue piste) was assisted, second run was solo but hesitant third run and Alp was skiing!

All I had to do today was tell Alp corrections while he was moving – allowing him to develop a feel for terrain, turning and speed. Yesterday’s work (including pivoting) provided the backbone of today’s success. We stayed on the same run to help build Alp’s confidence. There’s a spontaneous snowplough emerging from time to time but that’s not a worry – the understanding and intention is a combination of dynamics and pivoting – the basis of proper skiing skills. Now that Alp is skiing this should progress rapidly – but it’s important now to respect limits. If it’s warmer tomorrow we will be doing a few more exercises.

Alp coped with the low temperatures and wind without difficulty. Some photographs of today’s mountain weather below…

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