Derin 2020 day 1

Today was just too cold for standing around and working on exercises. (-17°C at the top of the Tovière with high winds.) The good thing is that Derin can ski so I made her work hard with short turns to generate heat.

Derin’s overall body movement is good – using the centre of mass correctly as she was taught. This keeps Derin safe and will work anywhere. However, it’s time to get to work on many details of biomechanics. Currently Derin isn’t really aware that she could enjoy her skiing even more if some changes were made. Skiing with your outside leg really stiff and jammed in the back of the ski boot is actually very tiring and stressful. Skis turn much better when the fronts have pressure on them – much the same way as cars or bicycles do. The picture below has to be changed – tomorrow we get to work on doing this.

Alex in the photograph below has been taught from age 6 the same things as Derin. In this picture he was also working on being more on the fronts of his skis. Those principles don’t change as the skier level changes.

Some photographs of the wild weather today…

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